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If you want to become an A-list celebrity in Hollywood, then you should consider using Kim Kardashian Hollywood Cheats and playing the game. In the beginning, you will be an ordinary Hollywood star and slowly step towards becoming a celebrity. Your journey to grow as one of the most popular superstar is not going to be an easy one, and this aspect makes the game engrossing as well as captivating. So, are you ready? Well, before commencing the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game, read these features properly so that you can achieve your goals quickly.     

How To Procure Cash And Stars?

The in-game currency of Kim Kardashian Hollywood game are Cash and Stars, among which Cash is the soft currency and Stars are the hard currency. You can earn Cash in the game by finishing various quests, filming TV shows, advertisements, or movies, and much more. Limited number of Cash can be earned by tapping on various stuffs like pets, people, things scattered on the street, etc. Cash will be mainly used for purchasing houses and clothing. You will even need Cash for traveling and gambling.

On the other hand, Stars will be needed for buying special clothing, Cash, Pets, Furniture, Energy, etc. Moreover, you will even require Stars to go on dates and to increase networking. So, it is better to spend Stars on dating rather than buying new set of outfits. Earning Stars in the game is a daunting task so players prefer spending real money on buying Stars from the Starshop or use Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack and cheats to generate them instantly in abundance. Few Stars can be earned by completing tricky quests, acquiring high ratings on movies, watching advertorial videos, etc.

Importance Of Energy In Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Game

You will need plenty of Energy in the game to perform each activity. Photo shoots, dates, videos, changing outfits, styling your hair, etc. require loads of Energy. Whenever you spend Energy, you need to wait for sometime till it gets replenished. This could be a tedious task as you will end up waiting for major part of the time to refill Energy meters. Players usually spend in-game currency to acquire Energy or manage their gaming time in such a manner that they play for a fixed session and then take a break so that the energy meters get refilled overtime. 

Listed Below Are Few Strategies To Achieve Success

  • To earn more number of points, you should change your outfits, makeup, and hairstyles. Do this especially before starting a new quest or a job.
  • There are two different sets of advertorial videos for earning Stars and Coins. So, watch both the set of videos regularly everyday to earn few amounts of Coins and Stars for free.
  • Subscribe to the game’s social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to make new gaming friends. The more the friends, the better it is; as you will be able to gain popularity by going out together to clubs, restaurants, bars, etc.
  • Spend some time by working at the So Chic Departmental Store so that you can earn XP and some in-game currencies. If you work for longer shifts then you will be able to earn more amount of currency.
  • Build relationship with others by gifting them often with something that they require. This will increase your friends and make you popular; thus, letting you climb swiftly towards your goals.
  • Remember that if you get dumped by your date then it will damage your reputation so choose your dating partner carefully.
  • Don’t forget to try out Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack.

Use the aforesaid tips, try Kim Kardashian Hollywood Cheats and gain the fame that you have always wanted by playing Kim Kardashian Hollywood game now! 

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