Kardashian sisters are popular around the globe due to their looks, wealth, and several other factors. They own many brands, and if you are a fan of Kim, then you may know that there is a smartphone game based on Kim Kardashian. It is available for iOS and Android devices to download for free.

If you have downloaded this game and not being able to progress at a faster rate, then there are several easy to follow tips which will come in handy. Let’s have a look at some of the important tips and Kim Kardashian Hack which will make you get a genuine amount of virtual currencies and progressing through the levels with ease. Let’s begin

Dates At Oak

By going on dates at Oak is something that you can get from leveling up. It helps you explore some of the best places and try out new things in the game. It makes you progress with ease and try out some of the unique dating tricks. There is nothing bad about dating when you can spend a little but progress quite effectively. It helps in boosting the level.

Getting Car

If you haven’t purchased a car in this game, then you are missing so many things because it matters a lot, and you can’t skip it at any cost. Make sure that you buy yourself a car as soon as you can because it is a lot more related to obtaining faster access and going well with ease. This will provide a boost in leveling up and several other aspects so you can rely on it.

Buying Items

Buying all the necessary items add up into the tweaks and help you earn experience point. It makes you progress through levels and unlock some of the best items, so you should not miss it. There are so many things to buy and if you are not sure that which one to prefer then we can suggest. When you are trying to buy stuff, you need enough amount of money also.

Pets and Gym

You can start with the purchase of LA Gym, then consider the other ones. Even you have the option to buy Chevalier in Paris. Petting is a great thing, and it also helps in earning extra points, that’s why you can consider the same and get rid of several issues with ease. It is a highly reliable option for progression. Buying a plane is also important, and you can consider that for stats purposes.


Over the past months, Kim Kardashian Hollywood game is getting intense popularity due to the unique design, features, and graphical interface offered by the developers. This fun-to-play game is never going to make you feel tired; that’s why you can get it.

While playing this game, always consider the virtual currency and try to earn a genuine amount to avoid getting into any issue. Hope, these factors will help you progress at a faster rate and become one of the advanced gamers is a short period.